What is Thought Field Therapy?
When we think of therapy, we associate it with a long drawn out process which is carried out over an amount of time to assist us in getting rid of, adjusting to, or just being able to cope with issues from major psychological traumas to small irrational phobias.

When therapy is introduced to help us with any issues we expect it to take some time without knowing how effective it is even going to be. This is where Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is different. It is a treatment for psychological disturbances which following a code that when applied to a psychological problem a person is focusing on, will eliminate the mental disquiet, disturbance, or agitation. In effect it works instantly to alleviate the negative emotions associated with whatever the problem may be and unlike any placebo, even not believing in the treatment will not prevent it from working.

The therapy “acupuncture without needles” works by addressing specific energy meridian points on the body in precise and defined sequence. By just simply tapping with your fingers on these meridian points in these precise and defined sequences known as “Algorithms”, you can almost definitely correct whatever psychological problem you have. TFT uses 14 points with various algorithms (tapping points order) depending on the emotions and problems being addressed.

The Discovery of TFT
This method was discovered, by Dr. Roger Callahan PHD, an American psychologist in 1981. Now it’s being used by many prominent psychologists and therapists all over the world. It has been demonstrated on many TV shows. Virgin Atlantic uses it in their client program “Flying Without Fear”. Whoopi Goldberg was one of the people who had her fear alleviated, courtesy Of Virgin Atlantic and Sir Richard Branson.

How TFT Can Help You with driving?
TFT can help with many different emotional issues in our everyday life; from fears of exams and presentations to alleviation of past life’s traumas.

In my experience as a driving coach and TFT therapist, a lot drivers, even after many years on the road, may have developed driving fears due to accidents, road incidents or perhaps other emotional personal issues, not related to driving, that have shaken their confidence making them unable to face faster motorway driving, even to the point of not being able to drive at all, affecting jobs and livelihood. View case studies

TFT eliminates the initial worry or anxiety or phobia immediately and combined with effective driver coaching allows us to make fast progress in “driving without fears” rebuilding confidence and skills on the road.

TFT works in many different circumstances where an emotional issue prevents somebody from reaching their full potential, be it an experienced driver, learner or the victim of a road rage incident. The important thing is that these fears and past traumas are not allowed to affect us and be hindrances when driving and our everyday life.

Why are we afraid?
In my experience, there are many different underling issues that are affecting someone’s ability to drive or even trying to learn. Bulling at school or home, bad driving instruction, being involved in a collision or simply a witness to one. The most important for everyone is the first step; acknowledging the phobia or fear is present and real, but deciding that we no longer want it holding our life back. We have the desire and need to be free of fear.

What is EFT in comparison to TFT?

TFT uses 14 different meridian point on the body, with different Algorithms to address different problems. One of Dr. Callahan students, thought it was far too complicated and went on to create EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) using just one tapping method and positive affirmations. After trying both I have discovered that TFT was far more effective, thus I chose to train in the original and very effective TFT.


TFT work around the world / The TFT Foundation helps victims of trauma in places affected by the most dreadful atrocities of the last few decades.