Kelly writes about her experience of using TFT

“Hey all, as someone who has used TFT in the past I wanted to share my experiences with you. Monika taught me how to do TFT on my driving lessons and it really helped me to combat initial nerves when driving. Originally I thought I had a fear of driving but Monika helped me realise it was more a lack of knowledge than anything else! However I did have nerves at the start of my lessons and TFT helped me overcome that. I also did TFT before my driving test and passed 1st time with 3 minors. I felt so nervous before I went for my warm up session before the test but after doing TFT I was filled with positivity!
I also did TFT before a big presentation as I was nervous about speaking in front of so many people. It went so well that one of the directors of the company I was presenting to said it was one of the most effective presentations they have seen and that I looked very confident and relaxed.
I would recommend TFT to anyone!”

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