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Monika D’Agate has been a driving instructor since 2004.  Holding the highest Grade 6 since 2008.

Wipe away your fears



Helping people to overcome fears and post-accident stress, as well as phobias and general driving anxieties.  As a therapist in Thought Field Therapy (TFT) she has established a new way of conquering the inabilities to deal with lack of confidence, stress and whatever emotional issues that might be holding her clients back. Leading the way in a new paradigm of driving therapy and driver education. As a member of RoSPA Advanced Drivers with a Gold Standard, Monika ensures her clients receive the latest standards of driving techniques and knowledge.


DVSA Test Training and Driving Lessons, Advanced-Defensive-Eco Driving, Intensive Courses, Pass Plus are also available. Lessons could also be taken in The Polish Language.


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Monika D’Agate is an Associate Member of The British Thought Field Therapy Association

and an Algorithm Member of Association for Thought Field Therapy


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