Anxious accident driving survey

So here it is, according to the poll by Allianz Insurance, 79% of people going on the road are anxious about it. 17% of people were so worried that they have not made a particular journey.

So why are people so worried about other drivers tailgating or being uninsured, yet don’t think that the actual problem is with their emotional state, and lack of understanding of road procedures?

People rather live in those negative states, but don’t realise there’s help available in form of improving their driving and helping them learn a technique that will alleviate those prevailing anxieties.

Negative emotional states affect our wellbeing over all, but if we don’t get rid of the driving anxieties  behind the wheel, they become the causes of accidents, just as much as driving tired or drunk.

I was hoping that seeking help would be something natural as going to a doctor when we don’t feel well physically.

This survey proves otherwise, what a shame.

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