How much are your children worth to you?

The wisdom from my friend Evan, I have been saying the same thing for years! HOW MUCH ARE YOUR CHILDREN WORTH TO YOU???

“I am going to try and answer an often asked question: “how many hours will it take to pass my driving test?” I will answer this question as a parent and an instructor, as I have both titles.

When a woman is pregnant she carries a baby for nine months, when that baby is born she loves, cares, protects and dotes on the child, the father does the same, that child is the most important thing in the world to them. As the child grows, the parents lovingly watch as the child develops, they take great pride in the developmental milestones. As the child gets older they become more independent, they seek and yearn greater responsibility and the parents gradually release the hold they have and allow them to steadily become adults. When the child gets to 17 many will want to drive, they want to be engaged in the most responsible activity they have ever tried, driving a car with five seats. It took the parents 17 years of loving, caring and protecting their children from danger, it would be irresponsible of me as a parent and an instructor to cut corners in my teaching just to try and rush someone through a test, which if they are lucky and pass with minimal knowledge and skill, could result in them being injured or killed. The responsibility we as instructors have is greater than some imagine, we don’t just wash our hands of pupils when they pass, you become our friends we happen to care about your well being and safety after you pass.
Please don’t ever ask me to do lessons 10 hours for £99, the way I want to teach people I couldn’t possibly do it for that price, and I am not about to start cutting corners to do so!
To those of you who think I am tough and nag you in the car, cast your minds back to how your parents nagged and warned you about crossing the road, or riding your bike! Any similarities?”


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